SimpleModal 1.4.1 Released

SimpleModal 1.4.1 is now available for download. I never created a post for the 1.4 release (back in August), so the following is a summary of changes since 1.3.5:

WP-Paginate 1.2 Released

WP-Paginate 1.2 has been released and is available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site. WP-Paginate supports pagination for both posts and comments.

SimpleModal Login 1.0 Released

I’m happy to (finally) announce the release of SimpleModal Login 1.0! I’ve been working off-and-on since the beginning of the 2010 on adding new features, such as user registration, password reset and an activity indicator. All of those features are included in 1.0 as well as the following:

SimpleModal 1.3.5 Released

SimpleModal 1.3.5 is now available for download. The transient option, which was added in 1.3.4, was renamed to modal because transient is a reserved word and was causing issues. Also, the reference to $.support.boxModal was changed back to $.boxModal to remain compatible with older versions of jQuery.

SimpleModal 1.3.4 Released

SimpleModal 1.3.4 is now available for download. A new option, transient, was added which allows you to disable the overlay, iframe, and certain events. This would allow the user to still interact with the page below the dialog. Another container dimension fix was added to deal with Opera quirks. Lastly, a new internal placeholder was […]

jQuery Enlightenment Review & Giveaway

After buying and reading Cody Lindley’s jQuery Enlightenment last year, I was so impressed with it that I asked Cody if he’d be willing to provide me with some discount codes to share on my blog. Expecting 25% off coupons or something similar, I was very surprised when he generously gave me 3 coupons for […]

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