jQuery Enlightenment Review & Giveaway

After buying and reading Cody Lindley’s jQuery Enlightenment last year, I was so impressed with it that I asked Cody if he’d be willing to provide me with some discount codes to share on my blog. Expecting 25% off coupons or something similar, I was very surprised when he generously gave me 3 coupons for free copies of his popular book.

My Review

I don’t usually buy technical books; I’m more of a hands-on learner and the books that I’ve purchased in the past just collect dust. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so impressed with jQuery Enlightenment. Besides being an eBook (and therefore can’t collect dust), Cody has structured the book in a way that makes it perfect to have as a learning tool as well as a reference.

You can read the book top-down or skim through the topics, find something you’re interested in, and get a detailed and easy to understand write-up on the subject. Cody takes the learning processes one step further by providing code examples, linked to JS BIN, that can be viewed and run in your browser. For someone like me, the concrete examples and ability to play with the concepts, helps reinforce the topics covered.

Whether you are a new jQuery users, or a seasoned jQuery developer, jQuery Enlightenment won’t disappoint!

jQuery 1.4

The current version of jQuery Enlightenment was written for jQuery 1.3.2. I spoke to Cody about the recent release of jQuery 1.4 and his plans for an update. He is working on a new version of the book that he estimates will have twice the content (or more) and is tentatively priced at $30. Lastly, he plans to offer a limited-time discount on the update for existing jQuery Enlightenment owners. [Note from Cody: All of this information is subject to change]


As mentioned previously, I have 3 coupons available for free copies of jQuery Enlightenment. If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment below and on Wednesday (1/20) at 2pm PST, I will randomly select 3 people.


The random number generator has spoken and the following people have won a coupon for a free copy of jQuery Enlightenment:

  • Jim
  • Sam De La Garza
  • Bjorn van der Neut

I’ll be sending the coupons codes out shortly. Congratulations, I know you’ll enjoy the book.

14 thoughts on “jQuery Enlightenment Review & Giveaway”

  1. I have read the book and like it alot. I saw Cody speak at the jQuery conference in Boston in September and loved his energy level. I can’t wait to see the expanded 1.4 version of jQuery Enlightenment – I hope it comes out soon.

  2. Sam De La Garza

    I’m really excited about what jquery and other javascript frameworks are doing for the .net world (especially for those of us using asp.net mvc). I’ve complained about Microsoft’s closed controls and how buggy they can be.

    Well, when the communication channel is json and things are built on the client…this opens an entirely new world of possibilities that are shared across server language ecosystems.

    So, without further delay, I’m very interested in one of the copies. 🙂

  3. Nice contest, i would like to learn more of jQuery and this book will be helpful for my job/career, here in Venezuela is almost impossible to find it.

    I also thank you for the Simple Modal jQuery plugin.
    (if I win I have a US direction to receive it)

  4. Put me in for the contest. I saw the outline of Cody’s book and it looks great.

    Also thanks for Simple Modal – something that I’m looking into incorporating.

  5. Many thanks for the Simple Modal Plugin. Works great. It was so simple creating a modal window out of my own UI design. Once again thanks a lot.

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