SimpleModal 1.3.4 Released

SimpleModal 1.3.4 is now available for download.

A new option, transient, was added which allows you to disable the overlay, iframe, and certain events. This would allow the user to still interact with the page below the dialog.

Another container dimension fix was added to deal with Opera quirks. Lastly, a new internal placeholder was added to keep track of where the modal content came from (if it came from the DOM).

Complete list of features and changes since 1.3.3:

  • Changed default values for minHeight and minWidth to null
  • Added transient option which, if true, disables the overlay, iframe, and certain events, allowing the user to interace with the page below the dialog
  • Changed $.boxModel to $.support.boxModel
  • Fixed container dimension issues in Opera
  • Added a placeholder element for modal content taken from the DOM
  • Updated demo’s and added a new Flickr Badge Gallery demo

If you have any questions, I strongly suggest using stackoverflow. If you find any bugs, please report them on the issues page.

Thanks for using SimpleModal!

Links: Project Page | jQuery Plugins Page

4 thoughts on “SimpleModal 1.3.4 Released”

  1. The issue with the overlay not spanning across the window’s height could be solved setting the top css property of the overlay to be $(window).scrollTop(). I think this should be the solution instead of setting the body height to be 100% – consider the case of a javascript embed, where you would not want to change the client’s website css properties. Let me know what you think about this solution, and if you need any help with this.

    this.dialog.overlay = $('')
    .attr('id', this.opts.overlayId)
    .css($.extend(this.opts.overlayCss, {
    display: 'none',
    opacity: this.opts.opacity / 100,
    height: w[0],
    width: w[1],
    position: 'absolute',
    left: 0,
    top: $(window).scrollTop(),
    zIndex: this.opts.zIndex + 1

  2. ‘transient’ is a reserved word in Javascript. I chucked a ticket into the Google Code group too… but you should consider a different option name.

  3. I want send data/value to “form hidden field” from the link.

    for example: in my link href=”#xxx”
    after click the link, I need to set the ‘xxx’ into the forms hidden field within the popup.

    Is it posible?

  4. Yes, ‘transient’ is a reserved word in Javascript, but you can use that name in quotes. like
    ‘transient’: true

    It’s also the only way to use numbers as keys:
    ‘0’: true,
    ‘9’: false

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