SimpleModal 1.4.1 Released

SimpleModal 1.4.1 is now available for download.

I never created a post for the 1.4 release (back in August), so the following is a summary of changes since 1.3.5:

Changes in 1.4
  • Changed the implementation of the autoResize, autoPosition, and focus options
  • The default value for autoResize changed to true
  • Added update() function
  • Added “shortcut” functions for focus(), setContainerDimensions(), setPosition(), and update()
  • Reworked the code in a number of functions
  • Fixed Opera screen painting issues
  • Updated jQuery requirement to 1.2.4
  • Updated container to shrink/grow as window resizes
  • Switched to Google compiler for minification
Changes in 1.4.1
  • Resolved the container height issue in IE6 & IE7 with jQuery 1.4.3
  • Fixed a bug where minWidth and minHeight were not being honored in certain cases

If you have any questions regarding SimpleModal, I strongly suggest using stackoverflow. If you find any bugs, please report them on the issues page.

Thanks for using SimpleModal!

Links: Project Page | jQuery Plugins Page

50 thoughts on “SimpleModal 1.4.1 Released”

  1. Thanks for sharing this neat piece of code. I’ve been using SimpleModal for various projects since the 1.3 release (more than a year ago) and is nice to see you keep improving it 🙂

  2. hey dude, thanks for sharing that stuff.
    I’ve got a question – is it possible within 1 html document to work with 2 modal-buttons, which both open different contents ???
    (I am using modal-osx) I guess I need to edit the osx.js data because this one is working with the osx class given over – but how?
    I’ll appreciate your help, with kind regards scandalous

  3. thank you very much for your continous work eric, we all know the huge effort implicit in the improvement of every thing in this world. and thanks again for sharing this with the developers community.

    best regards!

  4. very useful and functional. I wanted to ask a question:

    Can I close the box with the click of the button inside the box?


  5. Hi, if my a tag does not have link to nothing: <a href="#"… but href="scd_model.php?id_linii=',$id_linii,…" how can I make it to open that page scd_modele.php insted of the div..

  6. can it be possible to view a SimpleModal confirmbox inside the another SimpleModel Confirm Box.

    Please Help.

  7. to: Eric Martin
    >> remove or change the CSS property

    Which property? Could you be more specific?

  8. @curious

    For example, using the Basic demo download, remove the cursor:wait; property from the CSS:

    #simplemodal-overlay {background-color:#000; cursor:wait;}
  9. For the benefit of the future generation of readers, the “cursor” is in .css files. I had suspected foul play, but I searched .js files for “cursor.”

  10. Any plans to support jQuery 1.5 soon? I want to be able to take advantage of the speed improvements, but simplemodal falls apart if I use the newer jQuery. Thanks.

  11. I am trying to load up different boxes depending on what link they click on. i can not figure out how to do separate box-modules for each link. i was hoping you could wright up a single page that shows an example of how to do it. By posting up a separate page for your demos it would help others to use your code a little more. i saw the that someone has already asked this question but i could still not figure it out.
    Please help asap
    anyways great plugin!

  12. Lovely program but, like others have found, I’ve had to disable the asynch close timeout in 1.4.1.
    Specifically, I’m using SM to render a shopping cart which contains buttons to remove items – whereupon I want to close the modal and re-open with the new data.
    This was working fine in gecko, webkit and IE7 with 1.2.1 – the subsequent transition (both for my clients and generally) from IE7 to 8 (and potentially, 9) has caused a disproportionate number of problems. Sample as shown.

  13. overlay window is not visiable on full screen. if i scroll screen lower part is uncovered by model window. please help.

  14. can you call out a modal window on page load, I have page that if you don’t login it send a massage, I would that massage to be display in a modal window. the message is on top of the header with php code with else statement. it looks like this

    } else {
    // close while //
    print ‘<body
    Access Denied!
    I need to let you know i’m new at php. with the code above I have no way of calling the modal with out pushing a button. if you can help i’ll apreciated.
    and by the way I love you plugin. thank you and keep up the work.

  15. I am trying to load a pdf through iframe and the PDF is not loading in IE 8.0, but it works fine in firefox 3.6 and safari. Anybody else having similar problem

  16. How to use with différent email of reception ? I try but dont work:
    in the html :
    in the Jscript :

    var obj =;

    url: “data/contact.php?id=”+obj,

    in the php :

    switch ($envoieaqui):
    case “webmaster”:
    case “editeur”:

    //$to = “”;

  17. Re the contact form: I have a slight problem with the “loading” icon continuing to rotate if I hover the mouse outside the form. Can still use the form OK however.
    I wonder – I installed the plugin from the WordPress plugins site and there the version is 1.2.6
    You site seems to have a more up to date one. Is it OK to use yours or are they the same or different in some way?

  18. Hey hey, strange I have a probalem making it run in a new project. It would work offline but not online. Is there a way to email details where that draft site is to you?

  19. Hi erick, this is a great Plugin,… i wonder if you know about someway(or anything), to send a new password to user when the user click on recover password…¿?

    Thanks in advance..

  20. Hello I need to insert a swf in a SimpleModal object but I can not charging, any comments?

  21. HI Eric,

    Very nice work there. I wonder though if I could use a captcha image to be displayed on the form. Im having problems displaying it. is there a code that I should change on the JS file?

    Thanks in advance.

  22. I have to say Eric, you’ve done a sterling job with SimpleModal. What ‘Lego’ project do you have lined up next?

  23. I was having trouble with other plugins that were conflicting in IE – then I stumbled upon SimpleModal which does what it says on the tin and plays nicely with other plugins 🙂 thanks a million!

  24. Thanks for sharing such a nice stuff Eric

    I have a problem while integrating the Google maps in the simple model popups.After refreshing/reloading the page first time the map was loading correctly in popups and from the second time onwards the map is loading partially (more than half portion of map is not loading).

    Please have a look if you have time and reply me



  25. truely some great work. I have been dtruggling trying to find a clean solution and this script seems to be the best. I am struggling trying to get google maps to load. Some cases I can get the map without the marker, Sometimes I can get some text with the map. I mostly struggle probably with using an iframe to load the maps, but still not 100% functional. Any suggestions?

  26. Thanks for sharing and your good effort on this code. I used the contact form ( and experienced one slight issue.

    The form is working fine and delivering mails properly, except it’s showing the error ‘Unfortunately, a server issue prevented delivery of your message.’ when i choose ‘Send me a copy ‘ option. Any suggestions?


  27. Will this ever get updated to work with jQuery 1.6+? I have a site that uses this and other plugins and we need to update to the latest version of jQuery for some of the other plugins to work correctly, but this is one thing holding us back.

  28. Hello dear, I use WordPress plugin SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) as a form for ordering the goods until they know how to do that would be in the “Subject” script name and add a link to a user sends me an email. In the old form dany issue decided by:

    PHP Code:

  29. Здравствуйте уважаемые, использую WordPress плагин SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) как форму для заказа товара, пока не знаю как сделать что бы в поле “Тема” скрипт добавлял название и ссылку с которой пользователь отправляет мне письмо. В старой форме даный вопрос решил при помощи:
    PHP код:

  30. I am using another jquery “plugin” to pull data from an external source and I am building my content dynamically. I am adding a link to external content with a class. I cannot figure out how to dynamically build the hyper link so ur function still works.
    strHtml += ““; //strHtml += ““;
    strHtml += “”;
    strHtml += “
    is ther a way to use the link url, as if I hard coded the url, to pop in the modal?

  31. My idea when I click the close button will call a javascript function to handle modal data before closing the handle how?
    Or if using iframe link to a page. on the page that has a save button when you click it to save the information and then reload the iframe, then how?
    Thank you!

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