Annoying system beep

Even with the volume turned off, if your PC has a system speaker, it can still emit a loud system beep. I was running some MySQL statements from the command line and every time there was an error…BEEP. To fix this, I could simply run the MySQL commands with the -b, –no-beep option, which turns […]

Traffic charts for my commute

When I changed jobs, my commute changed from mostly surface streets to mostly highway. I-80 is notoriously congested and I wanted to strategically plan my commute to avoid as much traffic as possible. I started by watching traffic online and then found, where I could create custom drives and receive alerts, etc. Pretty cool…but […]

PHP Bug – glob(), GLOB_BRACE, and Windows paths

I stumbled upon a PHP framework called Kohana, which is based on CodeIgniter. I’ve used CI a bit in the past and thought I’d give Kohana a whirl. I downloaded the latest code and tried to run it on a Windows XP machine. Well, when I brought up the site, I got an error: Fatal […]

Another attempt

I’ve decided to take another shot at updating my site and starting a blog… I’ve chosen WordPress and while I’m trying to create/find a design, I’m just going to use this “default” theme. This site will mostly be used as a place to store code I’m writing/testing, but I’ll also be adding various anecdotes about […]

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