Hi there, my name is

Eric Martin

An experienced hands-on leader, specializing in transforming complex systems into streamlined, user-centric solutions.


I am a husband and father of 3, an amateur photographer, a lover of nature, a backpacking enthusiast, and an avid DIYer.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, motivated by the desire to make things easier and more efficient for people.

I took programming classes in college while pursuing a Management Information Systems degree at Chico State, but didn’t fall in love with programming until I taught myself Perl to create an image gallery script to display my photos.

Since then, I’ve had a passion for using technology and building software to solve problems. As I advanced, I developed an interest in building teams and helping others grow in their career.

Core Principles

These 5 principles represent my holistic and human-centered approach to personal and professional interactions.


My insatiable curiosity drives me to continually explore new technologies and innovative solutions. This eagerness to learn ensures I stay at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements.


My deep commitment to my work is reflected in my consistent delivery of high-quality, user-centric solutions. I’m dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding project goals and expectations.


Compassion is at the core of my approach, guiding me to understand and empathize with user needs. This sensitivity ensures that the solutions I develop truly resonate with and benefit the end users.


I thrive in collaborative environments, valuing diverse perspectives and expertise. My ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams fosters innovation and drives successful project outcomes.


Clear and effective communication is key in my interactions. Whether it’s articulating complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders or coordinating with team members, my communication skills ensure clarity and alignment toward common goals.

Let’s Connect

Thanks for visiting! Whether it’s for professional opportunities, sharing ideas, or just a friendly chat, feel free to reach out. Click the button below to contact me directly, or connect with me on social media:

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