About Me

Blending Technology Leadership with Creative Exploration

I’m a hands-on technology and product leader driven by curiosity and a passion for helping through human-centered design. With over 20 years of experience with various technologies, industries, company sizes, project types, and roles, my journey has been fueled by the desire to solve real-world problems that achieve business objectives and elevate the user experience.

My leadership style is characterized by collaboration, patience, and a commitment to creating environments where every voice is heard and valued. I believe in the strength of diversity and the creative potential that arises from bringing different perspectives together. A highly functioning team exhibits strong trust among members, embraces conflict as a means for growth, commits to decisions and plans of action, holds one another accountable for delivering against those plans, and focuses on the collective results above individual goals.

As a lifelong learner, I constantly seek to understand complex systems and embrace new challenges. My ability to quickly grasp new technologies and architect optimized solutions has been instrumental in the success of the projects I have led and participated in. By deeply understanding user needs and business objectives, I lead teams to create products that are both visionary and grounded, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Outside of work, my passion for problem-solving extends to backpacking adventures, where the unpredictability of nature challenges me to think on my feet, and photography, which allows me to capture the world through a different lens. These hobbies not only refresh my perspective but also fuel my creative thinking personally and professionally.


Personality tests offer valuable insights into our strengths, preferences, and behavior styles, enhancing self-awareness and facilitating personal and professional development. However, these assessments come with limitations, including potential overgeneralization and reliance on self-reporting, which may lead to misinterpretation and inaccuracies. They may oversimplify the complex nuances of personality and should not be used as definitive measures of character. Instead, they should be viewed as tools for guidance and self-reflection, interpreted with caution and critical thinking.


As an INTP, I excel in logical analysis and innovative problem-solving, driven by a deep curiosity for complex systems. My adaptability and analytical mindset enable me to approach challenges with creative solutions. I thrive in environments that encourage intellectual exploration, bringing a unique and insightful perspective to collaborative projects.


My Top 5 Themes:

  • Learner: I have a great love for learning, constantly seeking new knowledge and experiences.
  • Intellection: I enjoy mental activity and thinking, often pondering complex ideas or questions.
  • Individualization: I am adept at observing and understanding the unique qualities of each person.
  • Achiever: I possess a strong inner drive to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.
  • Analytical: I have the ability to think about all the factors that might affect a situation and understand how they interrelate.

Type 5: The Investigator

  • Perceptive and insightful about the way the world works
  • Objective analysis of complex problems
  • Mastery of specialized knowledge
  • Self-sufficient with excellent personal boundaries
  • Calm in a crisis

Explore the Wild

“Fill your life with experiences. Not things.
Have stories to tell, not stuff to show”

Backpacking with the boys in the Tahoe National Forest
Visting Ecuador
Backpacking in the Marin Headlands
Visiting Lisbon, Portugal
View of Mt. Shasta from the Little Mt Hoffman Lookout
Visting Mt. Rainier in Washinton
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