SimpleModal Login Released

I’d like to introduce SimpleModal Login, a modal Ajax login for WordPress which utilizes jQuery and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin.

SimpleModal Login handles logging into WordPress but does not handle user registration or the forgot password functions.

SimpleModal Login also supports themes, something I’m planning on adding to the SimpleModal Contact Form plugin as well.

If you have any feedback or issues, please let me know!

Download Project Page

3 thoughts on “SimpleModal Login Released”

  1. Hi Eric…great projects. I’m very interested in one example of OSX Style Dialog.. Hope u can add more example like that.

  2. hy i just wanted to know weather we can include this file in theme in onboard function , like plugin inbuilt directly from theme , please and we would like to see more modifications and features from your side

  3. Well great, but is it possible to have, for the admin. the choose for de rederection. If the login and password is ok, go to wordpressboard, or first page of the site, or both ?

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