SimpleModal Login 1.0 Released

I’m happy to (finally) announce the release of SimpleModal Login 1.0!

I’ve been working off-and-on since the beginning of the 2010 on adding new features, such as user registration, password reset and an activity indicator. All of those features are included in 1.0 as well as the following:

  • Added support for Peter’s Login Redirect plugin
  • Added additional error handling
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut option and feature (Ctrl+Alt+L)
  • Removed the ‘Redirect after login?’ option
  • Updated POT file (I18n/simplemodal-login.pot)
  • Added plugin update logic
  • Upgraded to SimpleModal 1.4
  • Added additional screenshots
  • Added filters for each form (login, register, password reset) output HTML to allow for customization

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment here. If you have a question or issue, please post it in the WordPress support forum.


7 thoughts on “SimpleModal Login 1.0 Released”

  1. hi eric
    the plugin is awesome i really loved the new features you have added,you know i was waiting for this.
    I got a problem with redirect i dont know how to set the url for wp_loginout function

    here is my code

    where should i add the wp_loginout function?

  2. Dude, first of all thanks for doing such a great work.
    But, no matter how hard i tried i wasnt able to edit/modify your plugin (im not that talented). Wouldn’t be easier to share this amazing work as 1 php file, 1 js file and 1 css file for wordpress ? Would you provide me such a pack ?

  3. Hallo… thank you for the this script. I just have a problem white it.. I will like to show the simplemodel-login lightbox

    Eks. if($_GET[] =='') {
    load simplemodel-login lightbox white out click

    Hop you can help me or tell me where I can get som help

  4. hi there,

    When the login pops up, my navigation menu shows up on top of the login, Is there any way to make the Login box always on top? Using WordPress 3.1.2.


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