SimpleModal Login 1.0 Released

I’m happy to (finally) announce the release of SimpleModal Login 1.0! I’ve been working off-and-on since the beginning of the 2010 on adding new features, such as user registration, password reset and an activity indicator. All of those features are included in 1.0 as well as the following:

jQuery Enlightenment Review & Giveaway

After buying and reading Cody Lindley’s jQuery Enlightenment last year, I was so impressed with it that I asked Cody if he’d be willing to provide me with some discount codes to share on my blog. Expecting 25% off coupons or something similar, I was very surprised when he generously gave me 3 coupons for […]

SimpleModal Login Released

I’d like to introduce SimpleModal Login, a modal Ajax login for WordPress which utilizes jQuery and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin. SimpleModal Login handles logging into WordPress but does not handle user registration or the forgot password functions. SimpleModal Login also supports themes, something I’m planning on adding to the SimpleModal Contact Form plugin as well. […]

5 Tips For Using jQuery with WordPress

Having used jQuery and WordPress together on a number of plugins and themes, I thought I’d share some tips that I have learned. The following are 5 clear, concise, and relevant tips that you should know when using jQuery in your WordPress Theme or Plugin. 1. Use wp_enqueue_script() The traditional way to include jQuery in […]

New Version of

After months of design changes and WordPress theme customizations, I’m happy to introduce the latest version of! I’ve actually been working on this redesign, on again, off again, for the last year or so. Although the design has been through a number of changes, the technologies I wanted to build the site with have […]

jQuery & Browser Issues (revisited)

Back in August, I blogged about “three fairly significant browser issues” I had encountered while using jQuery. With the release of jQuery 1.3, and subsequent minor versions, I thought I’d take a look back at those browser issues and see if any of them had been resolved.

jQuery 1.3 and SimpleModal

In case you haven’t heard, jQuery 1.3 has been released! In addition to being jQuery’s 3rd birthday, the team has a number of new announcements, including Sizzle (a brand new CSS selector engine), a new API browser (developed by Remy Sharp) and the formation of the jQuery Foundation. I tested SimpleModal (tests and demos) with […]

WordPress bug – duplicate page entries

This bug was fixed in WordPress 2.8 [changeset] While working on a new site design, I found an interesting bug in WordPress 2.7. I created two new pages to use as “Front page displays”, one called Blog and one called Home. To create the pages, I clicked on Pages > Add New, entered a Title […]

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