SimpleModal 1.2.3 Released

I meant to release this a few weeks ago – sorry for the delay. This release fixes two IE bugs:

  • Fixed IE6 positioning issue (position: [,20] did not work)
  • Fixed IE issue with jQuery 1.3+ (issue with $.boxModel property)

There are a number of fixes and enhancements on my list for the future versions of SimpleModal:

  • Provide dialog appendTo option. The current default is body
  • Provide additional close options: ESC and overlay click
  • Find solution for dialogs with no width/height given – determine dynamically
  • Find solution for dialogs that are larger than viewport
  • Force focus on dialog – prevent interaction with page

Let me know which of those you would most like to see. Also, if you have any other feature requests or bugs to report, please report them on the issues page.

Links: Project Page | jQuery Plugins Page

3 thoughts on “SimpleModal 1.2.3 Released”

  1. Thanks to have put the viewport issue on your todo list 🙂 It will be very usefull to deal with modal size and people using small resolution (eee-PC and so on).

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