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I found out this morning that is using SimpleModal to power the modal dialogs on their site! Which, of course, means they are using jQuery too! This is the first major corporate site that I have discovered using SimpleModal, so I was pretty excited when I discovered it.

Funny story on how I found out…

I was checking my email this morning and one of them was from the National Footbal League (NFL) titled “Be the first NFL Director of Fandemonium”. It is a contest being held by the NFL and that has an amazing Grand Prize, including a $100,000 signing bonus! It’s not an actual job/position, but who couldn’t use 100k?

So, I went to the site and entered my information for a chance to “WIN IT ALL!” 😉 Being the curious guy that I am, I started clicking around and noticed that a few of the links on the page, like “Official Rules” and “Refer A Friend”, opened modal dialogs.

Curious to know if they were using a plugin or homegrown dialog, I was pretty shocked to find that they were using SimpleModal! I then went to their main site,, and was able to find it being used there as well. Pretty cool!

So, now I’m curious to know what other sites are using SimpleModal. If you’ve implemented it somewhere of know of a site using it, I’d love to know!

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