Symbolic links in Windows

Symbolic links can be very useful, but if you are a Windows user, you’ve had to use junction points because there hasn’t been native support for symbolic links until recently. Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 now support symbolic links mklink command. See Junfeng Zhang’s write up on the mklink command. For those using Windows […]

Finding files containing a certain value

Searching for files containing a certain string/text/value is something that I do quite often. There are a number of ways to perform a “find files containing ‘foo'” search, but for me, nothing beats the simplicity and power of the command line! In Windows: findstr /s /n /i /p foo * The above example of findstr […]

Running Ubuntu 7.10 in VMWare Player

I wanted to check out the latest Ubuntu release, so I downloaded the following VMWare image: After extracting the 2 files, I opened Ubuntu-7.10-server-i386.vmx in VMWare Player. A dialog appeared asking me if I had moved or copied the image opened, so I selected “I copied it”. After which, I received an “error” saying […]

Clearing VMWare Player Recent Virtual Machines list

The VMWare Player does not include an option to clear the list of “Recent Virtual Machines” (why not?!?!). Since the list of virtual machines that I had opened was growing quite long, I set out to find a way to clear it myself. After searching in a few places (Windows XP), I came across the […]

Eric Martin