Clearing VMWare Player Recent Virtual Machines list

The VMWare Player does not include an option to clear the list of “Recent Virtual Machines” (why not?!?!). Since the list of virtual machines that I had opened was growing quite long, I set out to find a way to clear it myself.

After searching in a few places (Windows XP), I came across the file that holds this information. It’s called preferences.ini and is located in:
[drive]:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\VMWare

UPDATE: In Windows Vista, the file is located in:

At the bottom of the file, you should see entries like (where X is a sequential number):

pref.mruVMX.filename = "..."
pref.mruVMX.displayname = "..."

Just delete/reorder the entries as desired, save, then start VMWare Player to see the changes. VMWare Player will need to be closed before you make the changes, or they will not be saved.

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  1. Regarding the question of how to clear the list on linux, it appears that VMware player uses Linux’s list of most recently used files.

    You can clear the VMware player list by doing this [I’m using Fedora 8 Linux but likely to be similar to others]:

    Choose Places/Recent Documents/Clear Recent Documents
    then select that you really want to do it.

    After that, if you restart VMware player, the list is clear and will be recreated when you open a VM.

  2. In (K)Ubuntu you must edit/delete the file:


    Thanks for the previous info. Without it I wouldn’t have not be able to figure out the solution in Linux.

  3. Thanks, very useful. I renamed a virtual machine in VMWare inside the VMX file, and found that the old (incorrectly named) recently-used machine did not work correctly. It loaded, started, then caused a blue screen of death when I tried to kill it, in Vista.

  4. Thanks for this tip! I use VMware everyday and had been looking for a way to get rid of that annoying list for months! 🙂

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