SimpleModal v1.1 Released

There are three new options and the handling of data has been revamped. For more details, including documentation, demos, tests and downloads, visit the project page.

I’m finishing up a WordPress plugin based on SimpleModal, which should be ready soon. The Contact link above is powered by the new WordPress plugin.

2 thoughts on “SimpleModal v1.1 Released”

  1. I tried to use your Contact form, but it errored out, saying (something like), “Unfortunately, your message could not be delivered.”

    SimpleModal is great. Love it.

    Your use of $.extend is backwards however. It should be $.css( $.extend( defaultOptions, userOptions )), not vice-versa, which allows individual entries in userOptions to override defaultOptions.

    Incidentally, I’m using SimpleModal non-modally. Essentially by passing {overlayCss: {width: ‘auto’, height: ‘auto’}}.

  2. @George – that’s strange…I am able to use the contact form w/o any errors.

    I’m glad you find SimpleModal useful!

    The order in the CSS extends was something that I debated quite a bit about, but I actually intended them to be in that order 😉 I was trying to abstract out the “necessary” CSS properties from the stylesheets and figured I’d make sure that those “necessary” properties weren’t accidentally overridden.

    It’s something that I’ll look into for the next version.

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