SimpleModal 1.2 Released

After almost 11 months, I have finally released an update to SimpleModal.

This release fixes a number of browser related issues (mostly with IE) but also adds a few new features.

Some of the features include:

  • Automatic centering of the modal dialog, unless overridden with the new position option
  • Ability to call $.modal.close(); from the onClose callback without causing infinite loop
  • Eliminated the need for external CSS for IE6 dialog positioning
  • Added a zIndex option for compatibility with other plugins
  • Element resizing when the browser size is changed
  • Added an IFRAME to every modal dialog to prevent object bleed-through

Please see the project page for a full list of features, changes and upgrading instructions.

I also updated the demos, including the contact form, which now has the option to display a subject and cc field, UTF-8 support and minor security features.

If you find any issues or have any questions, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “SimpleModal 1.2 Released”

  1. Iframes are not allowed due to W3C standards. May be you should find another way, cause people who try to follow W3C will avoid your plugin.

    i’ll post some more comments when i test it

  2. @CharnaD – Can you elaborate on “iframes are not allowed due to the W3C standards”?

    If it is an issue, the iframe can be “turned off” using the iframe option:

    $.modal.defaults.iframe = false;


    jQueryObject.modal({iframe: false});

    The reason for using the iframe is to prevent object bleed-through. Also, the iframe is always used for IE6 to prevent form element bleed-through. There are always other ways, but using an iframe seems to be the “easiest” 😉

    I appreciate your comments/feedback!

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  4. I agree with CharnaD. iframes are seen as a security risk these days. I love simplemodal but don’t really use it because of the iframes issue.

  5. @response-guy – I assume that you comment is just spam, but I’m not sure, so I thought I’d let it through.

    First, sure an iframe *could* be a security risk, but since you are the developer controlling the code/site, I don’t see how that concern is relevant here. Second, what iframe issues are you talking about? Third, this post is from last year.

    So, if you are a real person with real questions/concerns, please clarify.

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