Dropbox Beta Invites

Fresh on the heels of receiving my Aviary Early Bird Invitation, I received a Dropbox invite!

Basically, Dropbox is another online file sharing service that works with both Mac OS and Windows. Check out the Dropbox home page for a screencast and information about the service. Their FAQ page also has plenty of information.

The beta program includes 2GB of free storage…but sign up now because once the beta is over, new accounts (FREE) are currently slated to receive only 1GB.

If you are interested in β€œbeta testing” Dropbox, I have 9 beta invites remaining. I will send them to the first 9 people who request one.

Update: I’m all out of invites…

28 thoughts on “Dropbox Beta Invites”

  1. Weeee! I just got an A.Viary invite from you and it looks like I might get another one this time for Dropbox!
    Christmas for everyone! ^^
    Sign me up, I’d definetely want to try that one (especially since I’m considering starting my own MOD and that would really help with getting files under control).

    I sure hope you don’t limit invites to one per person (since I already got one from you) πŸ™‚

  2. I’d love a dropbox invite. If you still have one to spare, please send it my way. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi. Was scouting around for Dropbox invites, if there are anymore you can get a hold of soon, I’d sure appreciate one. Thanks in advance!

  4. I would love to get an invite as well. If anyone can spare an invite, I would really appriciate

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