jQuery & Browser Issues (revisited)

Back in August, I blogged about "three fairly significant browser issues" I had encountered while using jQuery. With the release of jQuery 1.3, and subsequent minor versions, I thought I'd take a look back at those browser issues and see if any of them had been resolved.

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SimpleModal 1.2.3 Released

I meant to release this a few weeks ago - sorry for the delay. This release fixes two IE bugs:

  • Fixed IE6 positioning issue (position: [,20] did not work)
  • Fixed IE issue with jQuery 1.3+ (issue with $.boxModel property)

There are a number of fixes and enhancements on my list for the future versions of SimpleModal:

  • Provide dialog appendTo option. The current default is body
  • Provide additional close options: ESC and overlay click
  • Find solution for dialogs with no width/height given - determine dynamically
  • Find solution for dialogs that are larger than viewport
  • Force focus on dialog - prevent interaction with page

Let me know which of those you would most like to see. Also, if you have any other feature requests or bugs to report, please report them on the issues page.

Links: Project Page | jQuery Plugins Page


Monster.com Using SimpleModal

I found out this morning that Monster.com is using SimpleModal to power the modal dialogs on their site! Which, of course, means they are using jQuery too! This is the first major corporate site that I have discovered using SimpleModal, so I was pretty excited when I discovered it.

Funny story on how I found out...

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jQuery 1.3 and SimpleModal

In case you haven't heard, jQuery 1.3 has been released! In addition to being jQuery's 3rd birthday, the team has a number of new announcements, including Sizzle (a brand new CSS selector engine), a new API browser (developed by Remy Sharp) and the formation of the jQuery Foundation.

I tested SimpleModal (tests and demos) with jQuery 1.3 and everything seems to be working as expected. After reading about all of the speed improvements, I thought it would be interesting to run some tests (Firebug 1.3 Profiler) comparing the SimpleModal demos with jQuery 1.2.6 and jQuery 1.3:

Basic Modal Dialog Contact Form Confirm Override
jQuery 1.2.6 22.472ms | 1126 calls 101.547ms | 3805 calls 24.03ms | 1094 calls
jQuery 1.3 19.747ms | 938 calls 91.612ms | 3859 calls 16.883ms | 914 calls

I haven't looked into why 1.3 has more calls for the Contact Form, but even so, the execution time (ms) has improved for each one!

Congratulations to the jQuery team and Happy Birthday!

Assignment52 – Weekly Photo Assignment

As I mentioned before, in 2009, I plan to explore my interest in photography more. Since I'm not quite ready to commit to a daily project, my brother-in-law and I decided to do a weekly assignment.

We set up a group on Flickr, called Assignment52, where a new assignment will be announced each week. The assignments will range from trying specific techniques to more general topics.

At the end of each week, everyone is encouraged to pick their favorite photo from the pool (not your own) and post it in the assignment thread.

So, if you are interested and up for a challenge, jump in and get started with Assignment 1...there's only a few days left ;)


2008 Reflections and 2009 Resolutions

Having already reflected on 2008 for my family, I thought I'd look back at what has happened "professionally" over the last year and make some resolutions for 2009.

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WordPress bug – duplicate page entries

This bug was fixed in WordPress 2.8 [changeset]

While working on a new site design, I found an interesting bug in WordPress 2.7. I created two new pages to use as "Front page displays", one called Blog and one called Home. To create the pages, I clicked on Pages > Add New, entered a Title and clicked Publish.

I then went to my Reading Settings (Settings > Reading) and set the static Front and Posts page to the pages I just created. Going back to my site, I tested out the new static pages only to find they didn't work.

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SimpleModal 1.2.2 Released

Includes IE6 positioning bug fixes reported by Deepak Mehta and James Taylor.

  • Removed iframe option (use wmode property for object and embed elements)
  • Fixed IE positioning issues (including horizontal scrolling)
  • Updated jQuery version requirement to 1.2.2
  • Added horizontal scrolling test and more position option tests

Links: Project Page | jQuery Plugins Page

Eric Martin