jQuery bug – Ajax ‘no-cache’ parameter

In jQuery 1.2.1, when using the $.ajax function with cache: false, jQuery appends a parameter with the current timestamp to the URL. This parameter makes the URL unique and therefore prevents subsequent request from being retrieved from the browser cache. However, the code that adds this ‘no-cache’ parameter does not check to see if it […]

Comparison of JavaScript compression methods

While creating the build system for our Java web application, I set out to do some benchmarking on some of the different JavaScript compression methods. When our project builds, I configured our Ant build script to create three different version of our JavaScript files; full source, minified (comments and whitespace removed), and packed (compressed). I […]

Struts 2 bug – s:submit tag type=button rendering

In Struts 2.0.11, the s:submit tag with type=button does not render properly. While working on a project using Struts 2, I was attempting to create a HTML button that looked something like: <button type="button" class="button positive save"> <img src="/images/tick.png" alt="Save"> Save </button> I followed the Struts 2 Tag Reference for the submit tag and tried […]

Conditional page/post navigation links in WordPress (redux)

After more helpful input, I’ve decided to update my original solution. Instead of overriding four WordPress functions and adding two new ones in my functions.php file, I have slimmed it down to just one: /** * If more than one page exists, return TRUE. */ function show_posts_nav() { global $wp_query; return ($wp_query->max_num_pages > 1); } […]

Conditional page/post navigation links in WordPress

Update: This post has been replaced with an updated version. While creating a new theme for this site, I added some CSS styling around the page/post navigation links. For example, in my index.php page, I have the following HTML/WordPress code: <div class='navigation'> <span class='older'><?php next_posts_link('&laquo; Older Entries') ?></span> <span class='newer'><?php previous_posts_link('Newer Entries &raquo;') ?></span> </div> […]

New site design

I finally got around to updating the theme for this site. It was quite an adventure learning about WordPress Themes and its API. The more I use WordPress, the more I like it! Thanks to my brother-in-law, Max, for helpful tips on my new logo and also to Michael Heilemann for his default WordPress theme, […]

Running Ubuntu 7.10 in VMWare Player

I wanted to check out the latest Ubuntu release, so I downloaded the following VMWare image: http://isv-image.ubuntu.com/vmware/Ubuntu-7.10-server-i386.zip After extracting the 2 files, I opened Ubuntu-7.10-server-i386.vmx in VMWare Player. A dialog appeared asking me if I had moved or copied the image opened, so I selected “I copied it”. After which, I received an “error” saying […]

Clearing VMWare Player Recent Virtual Machines list

The VMWare Player does not include an option to clear the list of “Recent Virtual Machines” (why not?!?!). Since the list of virtual machines that I had opened was growing quite long, I set out to find a way to clear it myself. After searching in a few places (Windows XP), I came across the […]

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