jQuery 1.3 and SimpleModal

In case you haven’t heard, jQuery 1.3 has been released! In addition to being jQuery’s 3rd birthday, the team has a number of new announcements, including Sizzle (a brand new CSS selector engine), a new API browser (developed by Remy Sharp) and the formation of the jQuery Foundation.

I tested SimpleModal (tests and demos) with jQuery 1.3 and everything seems to be working as expected. After reading about all of the speed improvements, I thought it would be interesting to run some tests (Firebug 1.3 Profiler) comparing the SimpleModal demos with jQuery 1.2.6 and jQuery 1.3:

Basic Modal Dialog Contact Form Confirm Override
jQuery 1.2.6 22.472ms | 1126 calls 101.547ms | 3805 calls 24.03ms | 1094 calls
jQuery 1.3 19.747ms | 938 calls 91.612ms | 3859 calls 16.883ms | 914 calls

I haven’t looked into why 1.3 has more calls for the Contact Form, but even so, the execution time (ms) has improved for each one!

Congratulations to the jQuery team and Happy Birthday!

5 thoughts on “jQuery 1.3 and SimpleModal”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Your Basic Modal Dialog demo doesn’t work with jQuery 1.3 in Internet Explorer 7. I just downloaded the demo, changed the jquery.js for the 1.3 version file, and the result is that the simplemodal-overlay div doesn’t expand to fit the window. It takes the same container’s height and the rest of the window appears white instead of shadowed.

    If you fix it let me know, I would love to use jQuery-1.3 in all the pages of the website I’m developing and know that I use your great plugin I can’t.

    Thanks, Juan

  2. @Juan – I think I found a fix. For some reason, in jQuery 1.3+, the $.boxModal property is not defined when it is setting the ieQuirks variable. To fix it, do the following in jquery.simplemodal.js:


    ieQuirks = $.browser.msie && !$.boxModel,


    ieQuirks = null,

    Then in the init function, after the this.dialog.data check, add:

    // $.boxModel is undefined if checked earlier
    ieQuirks = $.browser.msie && !$.boxModel;

    Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

    @Backi – sure…I guess it depends on your actually implementation. Do you have any examples?

  3. Joey Chömpff

    Is it possible that some CSS proerties doesn’t work in combination with jquery 1.3.2? I’m trying to set the width TD in an table, but only thing what is changing is the font-weight.

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