New Version of

After months of design changes and WordPress theme customizations, I’m happy to introduce the latest version of! I’ve actually been working on this redesign, on again, off again, for the last year or so. Although the design has been through a number of changes, the technologies I wanted to build the site with have […]

SimpleModal, SMCF and Site Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d provide some updates. First, I will be offline from Aug 2, 2009 – Aug 8, 2009, so I will not be able to respond to any emails during that time. For questions or issues regarding SimpleModal, please use the jQuery Google Group. For questions […]

2008 Reflections and 2009 Resolutions

Having already reflected on 2008 for my family, I thought I’d look back at what has happened “professionally” over the last year and make some resolutions for 2009.

WordPress Pumpkin

Tired of carving the same ‘ol pumpkin every year, I thought I’d try something different this year. I free-handed the WordPress logo on the pumpkin then carefully carved it out. WordPress Pumpkin set on Flickr.

34th Birthday

Yesterday, on September 24, I turned 34! Which means I was born in 1974. What do all of those have in common…4. 4 is my favorite number and it has been for as long as I can remember. Some other random thoughts: – My sons, Caden and Cooper, are 3 and 4, respectively. – “Four […]

Buckle Fracture

Saturday (9/20) morning, we took our boys, Cooper (4) and Caden (3), to a nearby park. I had planned on reading the newspaper while the boys played, but decided to join them on the playground. I took Caden down a big three-story slide, which he was apprehensive about, but I convinced him to go. The […]

New site design

I finally got around to updating the theme for this site. It was quite an adventure learning about WordPress Themes and its API. The more I use WordPress, the more I like it! Thanks to my brother-in-law, Max, for helpful tips on my new logo and also to Michael Heilemann for his default WordPress theme, […]

Another attempt

I’ve decided to take another shot at updating my site and starting a blog… I’ve chosen WordPress and while I’m trying to create/find a design, I’m just going to use this “default” theme. This site will mostly be used as a place to store code I’m writing/testing, but I’ll also be adding various anecdotes about […]

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