jQuery & Browser Issues (revisited)

Back in August, I blogged about “three fairly significant browser issues” I had encountered while using jQuery. With the release of jQuery 1.3, and subsequent minor versions, I thought I’d take a look back at those browser issues and see if any of them had been resolved.

SimpleModal 1.2.3 Released

I meant to release this a few weeks ago – sorry for the delay. This release fixes two IE bugs: Fixed IE6 positioning issue (position: [,20] did not work) Fixed IE issue with jQuery 1.3+ (issue with $.boxModel property) There are a number of fixes and enhancements on my list for the future versions of […]

Monster.com Using SimpleModal

I found out this morning that Monster.com is using SimpleModal to power the modal dialogs on their site! Which, of course, means they are using jQuery too! This is the first major corporate site that I have discovered using SimpleModal, so I was pretty excited when I discovered it. Funny story on how I found […]

jQuery 1.3 and SimpleModal

In case you haven’t heard, jQuery 1.3 has been released! In addition to being jQuery’s 3rd birthday, the team has a number of new announcements, including Sizzle (a brand new CSS selector engine), a new API browser (developed by Remy Sharp) and the formation of the jQuery Foundation. I tested SimpleModal (tests and demos) with […]

Assignment52 – Weekly Photo Assignment

As I mentioned before, in 2009, I plan to explore my interest in photography more. Since I’m not quite ready to commit to a daily project, my brother-in-law and I decided to do a weekly assignment. We set up a group on Flickr, called Assignment52, where a new assignment will be announced each week. The […]

2008 Reflections and 2009 Resolutions

Having already reflected on 2008 for my family, I thought I’d look back at what has happened “professionally” over the last year and make some resolutions for 2009.

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