CakePHP 1.2 RC2 – Apache Crash on Vista

In my spare time (yeah, right), I’ve been busy developing a web application using CakePHP. I ran into a problem tonight that I wanted to share, in case anyone else happens to run into something similar.

After making some changes to my app, I went to test it out, only to get an Vista notification stating that httpd.exe had shut down unexpectedly. I checked my Event Viewer Application logs and found an Error with the following details:

Faulting application httpd.exe, version, time stamp 0x46deb625, 
faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x4791a7a6, 
exception code 0xc00000fd, fault offset 0x00065950, process id 0x998, 
application start time 0x01c8db31c2d05070.

After a bit of debugging and scratching my head, I remembered that I had deleted a “view helper” file that I had created, but forgot to remove the reference to it (var $helpers = array()) from my app_controller.php file…doh!

I am a bit surprised that CakePHP wasn’t able to catch this problem since it seems to catch so many other “missing” situations. Perhaps there is a way that CakePHP can prevent the issue…

Update: this issue was already a reported bug and looks like it is due to an infinate recursion when trying to load a helper that does not exist.
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