SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)


SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) is an Ajax powered modal dialog contact form plugin for WordPress.

It is built on the jQuery JavaScript library and uses the jQuery SimpleModal plugin.

Please visit the WordPress SMCF Plugin page to download as well as for information regarding installation, FAQ’s, screenshots, etc.


For SMCF v1.2.2+

Italian (Gianni Diurno)
French (E Neuville, ICS-INFORMATIQUE)
Portuguese (Vitor Borges)
German (Mika)
Polish (Tomek Nowak)

For SMCF v1.2 – v1.2.1

Italian (Gianni Diurno)
German (Nathalie)

281 thoughts on “SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)”

  1. Works like karma, thank you… one question: Can I send the message to various emails instead of one? I am not talking about carbon-copy option… For example, one of my jobs is webmaster of a model site, when someone wants to book her for a photo shooting I want also know it to reclame my $$$ percentage 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Hi Eric, Help me please.

    I love this plugin but i have a big problem. When i click on contact, the window contact goes under my flash viewer. Can you have a look in my website please ?

    Thank you.

  3. I love the plugin, but whenever I use it in the contact field like specified it works whenever it comes up, but for some reason whenever I click for it to be sent it says its been sent but I never receive the e-mail whenever I do a test to myself or to another e-mail address that I try. I don’t even receive the send a copy to me. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

  4. Hi Eric, Quick question: how would I disable jquery loading with this plugin? I found in my page source that jquery is loading twice – once for Lightbox in the header and again in the footer for SMCF – but Lightbox won’t use the jquery that SMCF loads. And there is no longer an admin option to load/not load jquery. Thanks, Mark

  5. I am excited to use this plugin. I downloaded it to the wp-content/plugins directory but it does not appear in the admin panel so that I can activate it. Any advice? Thank you!

  6. Hello Eric,

    you must be tired of answering support questions! 😉

    thanks for this great plugin anyhow, it’s the contact form i’ve been waiting for.

    however i can’t figure out how to get it working on my website, and I usually manage myself, but i’m lost here. I tried it on 2 websites, but couldn’t figure it out.

    i’m a wordpress+sidebar user, I have in my sidebar showing up fine, but when I click on “contact” nothing. I have the js loading fine in the document’s head as far as I can tell, footer is in my template…

    i don’t get it. I’m going to leave it as is, in case you check this out, for 5 days, after that I’m going to have to put a contact form, as I’m freelance and I still need people to… contact me 🙂

    thanks in advance if you get a chance to check it out, otherwise great plugin anyhow and good luck with what’s next.

  7. @Georg – I thought about the is/are issue, but wasn’t sure what kind of issues it would cause. The only use of it in SMCF is “x, x and x are required” or “x is required”. Will that work? Thanks for your translation!

    @mike – there are 3 different ways to use SMCF. 1) edit your template file (could be any number of different files – just depends on where you want the link) and add a contact link, making sure to use class=”smcf-link”. 2) use the built-in smcf() function in one of your files to add the link. 3) if you use one of the WordPress functions to automatically generate your menus and it includes a contact item, SMCF should be able to add the necessary info as long as the Link Title matches in the SMCF settings.

    @Lobo Wolf – just edit the script to include you as one of the recipients, perhaps as a bcc. As for Hotmail, you mean it won’t send to Hotmail accounts? Check the “spam” folder – there is nothing about the script that would prevent it from sending there.

    @anto – You need to edit your flash objects to use the wmode attribute. See the second comment here:

    @The Frosty @WPCult – thanks…the wmode attribute will fix it, like you mentioned.

    @Chip Simpson – sounds like a server issue. Do you get any errors back if you remove the @ from the @mail function in smcf_data.php?

    @songdogtech – that means that the other plugin is not using the correct methods to load jQuery 😉 You can have them fix it or edit smcf.php and 1) comment out wp_enqueue_script(“jquery”);, 2) change the following 2 lines:

    wp_enqueue_script("simplemodal", get_option("siteurl") . SMCF_DIR . "/js/jquery.simplemodal.js", "jquery");
    wp_enqueue_script("smcf", get_option("siteurl") . SMCF_DIR . "/js/smcf.js", array("jquery", "simplemodal"));


    wp_enqueue_script("simplemodal", get_option("siteurl") . SMCF_DIR . "/js/jquery.simplemodal.js");
    wp_enqueue_script("smcf", get_option("siteurl") . SMCF_DIR . "/js/smcf.js", array("simplemodal"));

    @lynne – glad you got it working!

    @laurent – I don’t get tired of answering questions…I’m just not always the best at keeping up 😉 I just looked at your site and it does not appear to be loading SMCF at all. Can you please confirm that the plugin is installed and enabled? Nice site, btw – your work looks very interesting!

    @Ben – Can you expand? Not sure I understand your question.

  8. Hi Eric Super Sweet form , was trying to use it on my blogger blog but cant seems to make it work ” Contact Me

    Maybe im doing it all around i tried to host all ur files and folders on my hosting account and link them to

    Help or a tip would be grateful even if i cant use this on blogger very nice job .

  9. Hello Eric,

    I have been trying to make this plugin work for me and have had no success. Would you mind taking a look at my site below and seeing if there is anything that looks wrong.

    Thanks, I appreciate the help.

  10. Great plugin that I’ll definitely earmark for future sites. Unfortunately I have a flash banner that obscures the form horribly.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Eric

    Ajay from india
    Cant get this working, trying since two hours and read the comments also, i can’t believe im this dumb

    This is what i did
    1) installed the plugin and activated it
    2) it tried to put the below code in lot of places, header.php, sidebar.php and where not. The paths are good, js and everything in plugins/smcf/ folder
    <a href=”/contact” title=”Contact” rel=”nofollow”>Contact</a>

    Really frustrated please help

  12. I’m getting the “Unfortunately, a server issue prevented delivery of your message” error message when I hit the “send” button.

    Added the near the bottom of my footer, and that got the visuals to pop up … now I’m trying to figure out why it won’t send. You say that PHP mail() is a requirement. Is this loaded by default with WordPress?

    This has GOT to be the coolest form out there.
    Thanks for all your work.

  13. Hello Eric, thanks for a great plugin! Is it possible to insert for in sidebar instaed of just having a link and then form popping up?


  14. How would one tweak this to allow the user to select a recipient, out of a list of several?

  15. I’m getting the “server issue” error just when trying to send from a Hotmail, Gmail, Msn address. With other domain email addresses, there’s no problem. Any tip? TIA!


  16. @Jose & @Nikolaj – thanks for the translations!

    @Victor – have you tried the demo? The messages are all “inline”.

    @Marc – that can easily be solved by setting the wmode property on the embedding code.

    @Ajay – if the link does not have the smcf-link class, it will not work.

    @Elena – currently a “pop-up” is the only option. I will be adding an option to embed the form in a page in a future release.

    @trumpetmic – you’d have to edit the files to include the drop down and then do some more editing them to handle the selected recipient.

    @Pani – sounds like a server or SMTP configuration issue – not anything that has to do with SMCF itself.

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